Nature activities and fresh air in the mountains

Spending a few days at the Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa , you will have a huge playground in front of you to enjoy!

The omnipresent nature will call you for a hike or a just a simple walk. A little bicycle ride will allow you to enjoy numerous viewpoints, however, should you prefer to catch up on your reading, then the Val d’Hérens is perfect for this too!

The pastures are overflowing with kind of flora and fauna that we wouldn’t even suspect.Then, what a pleasure it is to discover the hosts of these sites, while trying to blend into the landscape and become overwhelmed by the tranquillity and serenity of these places.

Fasting and Spa

Discover our professionally supervised fasting vacations. While fasting, you can enjoy a full program of wellness activities: Spa, yoga, walking, relaxation, etc, in a stunning environment.

During specific periods, the Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa is exclusively dedicated to the fasting guests, ensuring a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Info and reservations:

A different winter experience

Live a different winter experience in the mountains

Rejuvenate in untouched nature. Feel the benefits of fresh air and sun.

The Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Valais wine while watching the sunset, to relax in our Scandinavian Spa, with a relaxing massage or simply for “far niente” and reading.

And for the most active, the Val d’Hérens offers a wide range of unusual winter activities accessible to everyone.

Beyond skiing, you can try skijoring (skier being pulled by a horse), do some horse back riding in the snow, snowshoeing, cross country skiing,  snow tubing, ice skating etc.


2008 SRT. (PHOTO-GENIC.CH/ OLIVIER MAIRE) Maya_Boutique_Hotel (7) Maya_Boutique_Hotel (6) Les Mayens de l'Artsinol sur les hauts de Evolène. Raquettes à neige à Plan Monnay dans la région de Verbier St-Bernard. Maya_Boutique_Hotel (13) Maya_Boutique_Hotel (5) Maya_Boutique_Hotel (16) Maya_Boutique_Hotel (11) Maya_Boutique_Hotel (15)


Ski Nax Télé Mont-Noble - Magic Pass Partner

Discover the ski resort of Nax Télé Mont-Noble, Magic Pass Partner, just 3km from the Maya Boutique Hôtel.
35km of slopes are at your disposal in a breathtaking setting with a 360 ° landscape.

You can either park your car for free directly at the ski station or take the free shuttle bus from the hotel (weekends and high season only).

At the slopes’ foot, you will find all the necessary sports equipment for renting and selling. You can also take courses with the Swiss Ski School, in groups or private. For more information and reservation:


Snowshoe rental:
CHF15.– /person

Winter holidays and Skijoring

Take the opportunity of your stay in the mountains to try skijoering: an unusual sport activity where the skier is pulled by a horse!

CHF 30.– per person / 30mn
Only with reservation. Please contact us for more information

Protected and welcoming environment

The landscape is breathtaking and at the heart of this harmonious set of pastures, forests and snow peaks, is the Maya Boutique Hotel, a true haven of peace.

The village of Nax, where the Maya Boutique Hotel is located, is quite rightly nicknamed the « Balcony of Valais ». Situated at 1300 meters altitude, the hotel rooms offer an impressive view!

The unspoiled nature of Val d’Hérens is welcoming, conducive to rest and healing.

All year around you will benefit from the tasty local markets, especially the one in Sion, on Friday mornings. Valais is famous for its orchards and vineyards which, in a preserved nature, offer extraordinary flavors and smells.

Attached to the know-how of local producers Lisa and Louis will be keen to introduce you to their taste buds so that your taste buds can also fully enjoy your stay in Val d’Hérens.

If happiness had a taste then you would find it here !

Sport activities

Discovering the surroundings is possible at any season and in various ways. From hiking and mountain biking to horse riding, Via Ferrrata climbing or high mountain hiking… you will be able to give free rein to your desires.

At only 100m. away from the hotel, you can discover numerous activities at the Espace Mont-Noble: Tennis, Swin Golf and archery.

Winter activities are numerous and the cosy and warm atmosphere of the Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa , will make your winter stay in the Swiss Valais region, unforgettable!

Nax has its own ski station Télé-Mont-Noble, Magic Pass Partner.

Moreover, in Nax you can also practice snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ski-joëring (skiing whilst being pulled by a horse), or even snowtubbing, depending on your preferences. There is also a natural ice rink that offers exceptional surroundings.

Whatever activity you choose, you will be able to end your day in front of the fireplace, with a tea, coffee or hot chocolate and chat with your hosts about the lovely moments spent at Val d’Hérens.

The cosy cocoon of the Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa , offers you a timeless and healthy break. Your stay at Mont Noble, surrounded by nature, will have one disadvantage, time goes by too fast !

Swin Golf horse in mountains ??????? ascension du Mont Brule de l Eveque et du Mont Collon Bain de soleil dans la résèrve de Ferpeècle.

Tir à l'arc (2) 2008 (PHOTO-GENIC.CH/ OLIVIER MAIRE) Randonneurs sur les hauts de La Forclaz dans le Val d'Hérens. Ballade à vélo dans les alpes valaisannes A cheval dans un splendide décor alpin.

The bisses of Valais

The fullness of an alpine hike at the waters’s edge…
The irrigation canals (in french bisses) are open canals built by our ancestors to irrigate the farmland of our mountains. Many trails along these canals allow you to hike through history while enjoying the calming sounds of water and the stunning scenery.

Some suggestions:
For a soothing forest journey: the Bisse of Tsa Mase Creta near the Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa .
For a spectacular experience: the Bisse of Saviese Torrent-Neuf with its suspension bridges.
For walks through the vineyards of the Bisse Clavau, starting from the city of Sion.

More info:

City of Sion - History and Culture

The city of Sion, capital of Valais is located 15km from the Maya Boutique Hotel.

Enjoy a day of shopping, wine tasting or a cultural experience, Let yourself be charmed by the atmosphere of this city steeped in history. The exceptional microclimate of the region will allow you to enjoy all year round the many terraces in the heart of the historic center.

Discover also its castles as well as its numerous museums.

Every Friday morning, do not miss the market of the old town of Sion where the flavors of the soil intermingle with the local craftsmanship.